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The Anniversary - Edition
Guillaume Thonnaz

Michel de Nostredame (1503 - 1566)
called Nostradamus
The new way to the Prophecies of the Master

To the 500. Birthday of  Michel de Nostredame (1503 - 1566) published the author Guillaume Thonnaz in his three volumes the most important complete texts from the French originals of Nostradamus with literal German translations. Also an undiscovered system of the master came with his research of many years to the light and was represented in detail.
This expenditure for the anniversary contains the most important photocopies, as well as copies of some fewer well-known writings of the master, with a literal German translation of the texts. The results of his research of many years, published here bring completely new realizations to prospective customers and for all Nostradamus - readers, over the writings of the master. The three books bring the first time in the German-speaking countries all aforementioned texts in French after the original expenditures with a literal German translation.
Thus each reader can examine or even again lay out the interpretations. Already for a long time such an expenditure on the entire book market was missing and is to serve as basis for the further research over Nostradamus. The entire work contains only the text actually written by Nostradamus and no interpretations or allocations of the prophecies. The author wrote these texts as neutrally and literally as translating possible and only to the hidden instructions of the master paid attention.

The complete work is a "must" for each serious Nostradamus prospective customer and researcher !

The books are available only in the German language, but with all the original French text !

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