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English translation:
A terrible and miraculous signe, that
has been seen from many people, on Saturday befor Judica,
the tenth March between the sevent and eight hour,
in the city Salon in France.


To the serene highborn and allmighty Ruler, Sire Claudio, Count
of  Tende, Knight from the order of the Regents, and from the King, gouvernor of  the Provence,
presents Michael De Nostre Dame, his humble obedience servant, his greetings, and all welfare.

Graceful Sire, after I have made a inspection, which has been on the first day of  February this year 1554., there has been seen
here at Salon, a very terrible, and horrible signe on the 10. March, between about 7 and 8 hours to the evening, which, my con-
sidering, has reached until to Marseille, and also it has been seen at Saint Chamas near to the sea, and it was close to the Moon,
which by this time was coming to his first quart. A great fire was coming from the east, and has turned against the west. This very
large fire, and with his size formed like a great burning pole or torch, did spend a miraculous shine of  himself, and thereof did spread
flames, like from a glowing iron, that the blacksmith handles. And it had such a fire, and so many sparks in the hight, glittering like
silver, and trown up enorm long, like the Jacobstreet (Milky Way) on the heaven, called Galaxia. It was passing very fast, like an arrow,
and with an great roar and crackle, which the poets call inmensum fragorem (excessive breaking), and the same kind, as the leafs and trees
from a violent wind get trown back and forth. It lasted up to 20 minutes long, till we have seen it going over to the region of Arla, normaly
called the stony way, and there it turned against south, high to the sea, and the fiery stripe, which it made, keept for long time his fiery
colour, and did trow off  himself  less of the fiery sparks, like the lightning, which falls from the heaven. This sight was more terrible,
as there can pronounce a humaine tongue, or as could be describet. And for me, I intend, that it came from a hill opposite Aix, which is
called Saint Welcom. Then on the 14. this month, when I was demandet to Aix, I did ask there many citizens, if they have also seen
such signe, but I'd not hear anything. Then away from there about two miles, it had shown at first, and a man from this town had seen it
by himself, and then he desired, that I would show and declare this to his relations thereat also. Two days after I had meet this man, a
barber from Saint Chamas came to me and declared, that he and other citizens thereat, have also seen it, and that it has had the form like
a halfe bow, and it had lasted until to the Spanish Sea. And there it did come down, after it was high, and where it passed by it has burned
everything and consumed to pouder. There on the heaven and at the distance, it was a Pisanish Lengt or Stadio width, and there the fire
was more and more spreadet and fell down. And as far as I can judge this, on the occasion of this region and climate, this is new and
strange to hear, and it would been more better, if it had not appeared. For the reason that this sight of the comet gives a certain indication,
that to this region of the Provence, and other parts on the sea, an unexpected and unawared accident should happen, trough war, fire, hun-
ger, pestilence or other strange sicknesses, or otherwise they will become charged and supressed from strange nations. This signe have
seen more than thousand peoples, and I was requested to register, and to declare to your Magnificence, how it did happen, and how I have
seen and heard it, by myself. And now I beg Jesus our Lord, that he will honour your Magnificence, and he will abundant increase and
enlarger to you, long life and welfare.
Date in France at Salon in the Provence 19. March. Anno 1554.

To your Magnificence.
your humble and
obedient servant.
                                Michael De Nostre Dame.     

From the french language transfered, and printed at Nürnberg by M. Joachim Heller.

From the german language transfered, by Wilhelm Zannoth, 2006.
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© by Wilhelm Zannoth 2006.