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From the History of the Maldaner Family's

This are the Results of a Family - Research.

Maldon is a highland valley (at 1700m) in Tirol. It's on the side from the Hahntennjoch, that goes to the Innvalley, which lead's from Imst to Pfaffler and to the Lechvalley. The original Name Maldan, like it appears in the oldest Document's, has (after Prof.L. Steinberger) his formation from the, untill today, existing richness of chamois there. The name is derivable from the roman valle haedana, that means "Valley of the buck's".
At the end of the 12. century the knight's from Starkenberg erected the Maldonfarm in the highlandvalley and they had a stock of cattle there. The farm at the rough winterly valley was not in use for long. It was soon given up and in the year 1448, from the owner at this time, Hödli, sold to the city Imst to use as a summerfarm. Until today there is the Maldonfarm one of the best pastureland's from the city Imst.
One former owner left the Maldonfarm (I suppose at the jear 1385, as Hödli was taking over the farm), at the unhospitable highland, and moved to the town Steeg in the Lechvalley. As we know from a Lermooser document from the year 1399, was the name of this farmer Bräustlin (Präustlin, Pröpstl, Probst). He was, because were he come from, further on called the Maldaner.
In the year 1401 was Cunz Maldaner as the oldest one from the curch at Steeg mentioned; in the year 1427 there have already his sons Christian, Hans and Peter with wifes and children been counted.
The Maldanerfamily was spreading over the towns from the upper Lechvalley and the nearer environs, where from the slang the name soon darkend to Maldoner. Only at those branches, which very early left their native place, was the original manner of writing keept; or may the name have become written with th.
In the Tirol-county, are the Maldonerfamily's today for the most part living in the towns Steeg, Holzgau, Bach, Elbigenalp, Stanzach and Imst; at the towns Namlos, Berwang and Heiterwang are the former lines extinguished.
In southern germany you can find on diffrend places register-notes from the name Maldoner:
From a 1683 at Fuessen foundet saddlemaker-generation Maldoner, some members are today living in Rieden and Rosshaupten; also some violinemakers come from there.
In Wies (Stötten), Korbsee, Possenhofen, Friedberg, Meersburg, Konstanz and Freiburg (Br.) the name Maldoner is known from the 17. and 18. century. The tomb from the "Kaiserlicher Rat" (imperial counsellor) Joh. Franz Maldoner (+ 1712) was shown by the Freiburg cathedral.
In the Munich registers we have diffrent Maldoner's, some single and some with their familys. The oldest note is Dr.med. Joseph Maldoner, he was a doctor in the old part "Au" in 1626 with wife Helena. Where he comes from is not clear till now.
In the Hessen-country we find the name Moldaner, wich is also in the old registers from Tirol several times.
In the writingmanner Malthaner there are 2 lines traceable:

a) The evangelic family at Wiernsheim (Württ.).
Ancestor is the mason Martin Malthaner (1.marriage 1663 Ottilie...; 2.marriage ca.1675 Anna ...).
from this tree are today some descendants living in Munich and some others come over Baden to Steinfelden and Herxheim at the Pfalz, but there now as catholic.

b) The catholic family at Neupotz b. Landau/Pfalz.
Ancestor is the fisherman Hans Peter Malthaner (born ca.1653; 1.marriage Anna Barbara ... before 1689; 2.marriage Rosina Freudenstein; +1738).
Descendants from this tree are living today at Neupotz and Munich, where one of them is the author of this page.
One branche from this Malthanertree did come ca.1760 from Neupotz to Portz/Rhine, where the name was allways as Walthaner written. From there descends moved to Markt Schwaben (Obb.); but now as Malthaner (whit M) written again.

Finally it should be mentioned, that the northern germany familys Malthan and Maltzan, also the family Maltan from Berchtesgaden do not belong to the upper mentioned generations.

collected and written by Hubert Malthaner in the year 1955
translated and placed in the internet by Wilhelm Zannoth at Feb.2000.

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